Unique Jewelry Pieces

Unique Jewelry pieces from Karine Sultan worn by the top celebrities available at Salon Cappelli, Franklin Tn

Pearls began their influence on the world of fashion as a protective device to keep the soul inside of the body and to symbolize purity as well as heavenly prowess for Christian, Hindus, Islamic, and Hebrew religions.


Today, pearls maintain their close connection to heavenly beauty but are available to the masses. Karine Sultan has created a gorgeous pearl collection to inspire women and elevate their personal styles.

Whether you feel inspired by the Jackie O triple-strand faux pearl necklace or by Anne Boleyn’s signature pearl necklace, we have something for you. Pearls are perfect for every occasion and a fit for every era. If you are on your way to grab a cocktail after work or on your way to a friend’s birthday party, the pearl works. If you are headed to a late evening fancy function or an early morning committee meeting, the pearl works.

Need help choosing the perfect look? Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the Karine Sultan pearl collection.

An ultimate classic look places the pearl at the forefront of the look. Our Jeanne drop earrings feature a single pearl encased by silver, rose gold or pure gold. Paired with the Jeanne necklace, which also features enclosed white glass pearls, the two pieces connect for the perfect upscale evening look.